Baby Floating Shelves

12:28 AM

 Earlier this year my mom visited and we made some 6 foot floating shelves, using the plans from Knock Off Wood, or I guess it's now.  The plans use a sheet of luan that's 4x8' for the tops and bottoms of the shelves, leaving scraps that are 2 feet wide. 
So I finally got around to using the 2 foot scraps to make little floating shelves for the kids' room.
These shelves are basically these little frames made with 1x2s.
The frame gets screwed into the studs in the wall.

Then you make the box to slide over the frames.  It's a 1x2 frame with the luan on the top and bottom.

The first two shelves are hung on the wall where the baby's crib will go--the girl corner.
{there's obviously things missing, to be added later once I make/ find them}

The third shelf is on the other side of the room with things for my son.

This shelf is in the corner above the facing front bookshelf--another Knock Off Wood plan.

So more to come in the girl corner...

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  1. I am pretty sure you are the most awesome girl that I "know". You make me want to just buckle down and swallow my fears and use some power tools. You rock.


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