Nativity 2: Mom Feature

5:00 AM

The next part of my mom's nativity she made:
The Holy Family

Nativity from patterns by Sue Cottrell, currently unavailable unfortunately!
These are the only characters in her nativity that don't support them selves--the rest stand on their own or are kneeling. 
So I have them sit on a box.

 There's a lot of detail, like Joseph's leather pouch my mom made with some leather scraps and jute.

Or the hand sewn toes and little leather sandals.

Probably the most important person was the easiest to make: the Christ Child.

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  1. I love the sandals and the pouch. I used to make dolls so I look for details like this. I like the hair and all the clothing too. It seems the more you get into the doll and the personality the more creative one becomes. I can visualize your Mom getting excited about making the Holy Family. Thank you for sharing your Nativity, it is truly a work of love...and genius. I can see how you treasure it too.

  2. Your Mother is awesome. What I like best is how child friendly this is also. But it's really fabulous. Happy Holidays-
    buttercup boutique


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