Painting Backing of Shelves

3:41 PM

I am starting my Christmas gifts, but got side tracked with a few House projects.  My husband has been on an easy schedule with work so I tried to take advantage of him being home to help with some projects.

In our family room, one wall has all these shelves.  This is what it looked like for the first 6 months we lived in the house.  My husband just unloaded boxes and shoved stuff in the holes.  The whole wall seemed kind of blah to me with all the white, and so many shelves.  So I decided to paint the back of the shelves a gray/ blue to give it a contrast.

So I first took out all the stuff and shelving that wasn't screwed to the wall.

We used Behr's WATERSCAPE flat paint, and a baby sponge roller and brush.

I put the shelves back in, trying to add more variety in the shelf heights. 

Now the hard part, to fill the shelves. 
We were able to get rid of half of my husband's text books we've been lugging around with us for half a decade when we went through everything. 
I'm still working on these, a lot of this was just thrown in so I could vacuum and will be rearranged in the end.
But already I like the contrast of the blue to the white shelving, and hope once everything's in its place the whole wall will look a lot better.

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  1. Wow-- what a difference, it looks great!!!

  2. What fun built in shelves! I love the color you chose. Yet again, a great job.

  3. Looks fabulous. Look at you doing home projects during Christmas time. Your awesome.

  4. I am always in awe of you transformations!!! Always look forward to seeing what you do next:)


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