Boys Bathrobe

4:07 PM

One of my projects that didn't use freezer paper stenciling...shocker.  A pattern this time too. 
Simplicity: It's So Easy Pattern #7524 for Childrens Bathrobe & pajamas.

My mom actually made the robe for all the grandkids for Christmas, and I personalized it with our last name..  My little guy is really thick and my Dad said he looked like a little boxer in his robe, so I put our last name on the back.  I think real boxer wear silk or satin robes, but he's 2...and I really hope he doesn't box.
Simple applique letters 
1. Printed out our name the size & font I needed
2. Traced onto fusible interfacing
3. Ironed the interfacing on black knit (upcycling a t-shirt)
4. Cut out appliques
5. Pinned on robe and topstitched down along the edges.

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