Not All Ideas Reap Good Results

2:36 PM

Blogs are weird in that you only see the best of people's lives, or in this case creations.  I'm not perfect, and many of my projects don't turn out the way I'd all. 

I've had this sweater for years.  It was too big when I recieved it, boxy, and I rarely wore it.
So one night I thought I'd try to refashion it into a sweater vest with a cowel neck.
So I cut off the sleeves and took in the sides.
I didn't plan the project very well and just kept hacking the sleeves to try to make the neck.

In the end I had this lame thing:

I'm not sure the shapeless, baggy, original was worse than this thing. 

So here's to good ideas that fail. 
Maybe I'll try again on a different sweater and plan it out better rather than hacking my way into another one of these lumpy-unflattering-crappily-sewn-wastes-of-time.

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  1. I keep trying to make a tutorial for my blog, and every project I set out to do end up a lot like this. I'm sorry the sweater won, but I still think you are the bees knees!


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