My hEro is My dAd

11:09 AM

so you can make this cute shirt for your little boys

I was really excited to have a little boy for lots of reasons, but one of my favorite things has been to see my husband and my son's growing friendship/ relationship.  I love how much son imitates his dad in many little ways.  I've always like the phrase or the many versions of it that basically say a boy's hero is his dad.  So I wanted a shirt with the message.

Another inspiration for this little tee was my own childhood.  I remember I was 4 or 5 and I drew a picture of our family, much like the ones on this shirt, where arms and legs come out of circle-heads.  My mom thought it was so great, she copied my picture onto a peach sweatshirt with black puff paint, and helped me sign the sweatshirt.  She didn't wear her peach sweatshirt that often, mainly for working around the house, but I always loved that she made and wore my art. 

So that's what I was thinking about for this shirt.  I had a generic blue/ green long sleeve onesie I wanted to improve.  I just drew the text and people on a piece of freezer paper, cut out all the orange and ironed it on.  It took two coats of the green fabric paint. 

But I love it.  My husband really likes it.   I think it would be so cute if you have older kids to let them draw and write their own and make it a shirt.  These would make quick, easy, and awesome   FATHER'S DAY GIFTS IN A FEW MONTHS! 

My husband wears glasses, I liked that part of the shirt the best I think.  I pointed out to RJ who the people were on his shirt.  He did point to say "papa" for the glob wearing glasses, but I don't think he caught on the other glob was supposed to be himself.

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  1. this is awesome Miss Jessica!
    could you do something for me?
    i've just started following your blog and was wondering, would you mind explaining the full process for your freezer paper printing?
    or if you have already done it, just put a link for me?
    i'd love to do something like this for father's day!

  2. Jess, this is so adorable!! I am so impressed (and super jealous!) with your skills!!!!

  3. I really need to do some stuff like this. Also, where did you get your supplies for that onesie dress?

    PS - I nominated your blog for an award. Do what you will with it. :)


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