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Thanks to Jenny pictured in the previous post, I have a button now!

Pretty exciting for someone who isn't that technologically savvy.  So if you feel like it, you can copy the code on my sidebar, paste it in a HTML/ Java Script Gadget on your blog, and you'll have this wild thing on your side bar. 

Thanks to anyone who choses to grab a button, and to Jenny for getting it created.

I appreciate it!

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  1. ok so i finally made the vinyl lined beach bag! well finished it at least... :) and i made a mini version for my daughter! so i wrote a little post about it first linking back to your site and tutorial and then always shared a few tips i learned working wit hthe vinyl. seriously, thanks again for shariing it. i love love love how the bag turned out!! oh and your idea for the eyelets- brilliant. i love them!

  2. sorry forgot the link!


  3. i would love it and be honored to see my bag on your blog!! and i would love to be able to share what i learned!! thank you so much!

  4. sweeeet..I love it..that is one of my fav. pic.s too. Posting the button my all my blogs!

  5. love it!! i'm stealing ur button right now!


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