Etsy...Time to Get Back Into It

10:45 AM

More ideas to add to the Onesie Summer Dress tutorial
I made a few more dresses with a few slight variations from the tutorial. 
These dresses are all available in my little Etsy Shop

I have been working on restocking my etsy shop. 
I worked really hard from October to December with capes, and needed a break. 
So I decided January my month to sew/ craft just for me.  I didn't get anything done I wanted for me (like my wool pea coat but now that winter is ending I'm not as excited about it), but it was nice to just do things on my "want to make" list rather than having an overwhelming "need to make" list.

But I need to get back into it...thus the superhero sweatshop is back in business.

Happy President's Day!

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  1. The butterfly dress is adorable!
    And its always nice to sew just for fun.I have MANY things on my want-to-do-list.But it seems like I'm always busy with repairing broken or riped stuff, or doing gifts that I never get around to my "wants".I may have to give your dress a try as soon as my girlfriend finds out what she's having. Hopefully a girl:)

  2. These are really cute Jessica! i did a post about you and your sister, included some pics of the freezer paper project i did... it turned out okay, next time will be better:O)

  3. Love the dresses. The blue pic is the cutest baby in the world! WOW
    You do great work.


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