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11:04 PM

Genevieve from Creative Spaces adapted the School Bag Tutorial to make herself a spanking vinyl beach tote.  It is made from an upcycled shower curtain and curtain liner she bought on clearance.  Love that!
She decided rather than sewing the boat-load of button holes, to use metal eyelets.  I think it looks great.
She has lots of great tips for using vinyl for this project, and even made a baby version for her cute daughter HERE

Stephanie also made a tote and painted a tree on it.  She used scraps she had on hand, so she didn't have to leave the house to have a brand new tote!
I also liked how she just used 1" grosgrain ribbon for the contrasting bottom handle rather than making it from fabric.  Save time!
If you click on Stephanie's blog she made these cool chicken capes to protect her chicken's backs from the roosters.  Fun project and I learned a little about chickens.

If anyone else has made a tote using the School Bag Tutorial, please email me or leave a comment with the link!  I'd love to see it and share your project with everyone else to further the spread of good ideas and variations, because if you're like me, you don't follow the instructions completely.

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  1. Very cute totes! I might have to make myself a new church bag!

  2. i love the totes!!!

    Look at you and all your followers!!! You go Jess!! Are u going to the CBC btw? I wanna meet you there if you do!!


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