Pilot Hat

3:35 PM

I'm with the rest of you mothers of sons that have been enjoying the "Celebrate the Boy" Dana at MADE and Rae have been hosting.  I saw this tutorial for the Sweet Pea Pilot Cap and wanted to try it.  Here is the link for the tutorial, from Sew Liberated--great blog.

It's a pretty easy project.  I used 2 t-shirts from the Good Will pile.

 I decided to change the straps.  The tutorial has you make 2 ties under the chin, but I decided to make a chin strap that snaps on the other side, rather than a bow under the chin.

I first made it way too long.  Before it looked so nice with smooth seams into the round button end.  But today I just hacked it off and zig-zagged it shorter.

The chin strap connects to the opposite corner of the hat with a snap, but I sewed a mock button on top of the snap to look like it buttons. 

I reinforced both sides of the snap with fusible interfacing so the knit wouldn't stretch or potentially tear when pulling the snap apart. 

Great little hat for this time of year where it's starting to warm up a bit for Spring, but cold enough they still need a hat.

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  1. Oh that is just cute! Love the button strap idea, very boyish.

  2. Love it! It's also on my list of projects to do. :)

  3. Love the cap! I had the same thought to add a snap after making one for my daughter.

  4. Cute hat for a cute boy! Wish my little guy would keep hats on. You did a great job!

  5. Ha this is so funny I just got done sending Stac this tutorial from Made for this hat the other day. I love it so much and plan on making one... one of these days. I love your strap its wonderful!

  6. 要友誼長存,我們必須原諒彼此的小缺點。 ..................................................

  7. What a cute way to keep the ears warm! Love it! (Cute baby too, by the way.)


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