Cozy Blankie

10:39 PM

My friend had a little daughter, and this is part of her gift.  It's a little blanket, kind of too small to swaddle or really wrap up a baby, but so silky on one side, soft and snuggly on the other side--it's more of a blankie.
One side is lilac charmeuse satin, and the other is a lavendar almost furry soft minky.
I personalized it with the applique "J" for Jayne, and bound the edges with the same cotton print I used for the applique.

This is quick, easy project. You could make it even faster not doing an applique.  I used a blankie my son loves as the pattern.  It has a silky side, and the other is suede feeling.

1. Cut a rectangle of the satin and minky, 27" x 33".
2. Make your applique and topstitch it on the corner of the satin side.
3.  Pin the sides together, and baste 1/4" seam allowance all along the edges.
4. Cut binding. 3" wide. I sewed it on the same way as I bound this Christmas quilt (instructions in post).  Kind of white trash binding.  I should learn to do the miter corner binding.  But it works.
Machine washable too!
You could also paint an image with the freezer paper stenciling rather than sewing an applique too.  I'm shocked I didn't do that considering every other post is freezer paper painted.

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  1. once again, you amaze me jess. that is so cute, and maybe something I could even make :)

    by the way...I had some drama with my black vinyl. they sent it to one of my old addresses from paypal, then had to correct it and I just got the new batch!! we'll be in touch! Sorry for the lameness!

  2. Nice fabric, it looks soo soft and I love the colors and the applique too. THat's funny you called it "white trash" binding because I looked at the pictures first before I read the post and thought "that's not how you do binding." But that makes sense to do it that way when your doing a quick and easy project. VERY CUTE!!

  3. Wow, I wish I had one of those in adult size for myself!

  4. I made some blankets similar to this for the first time for my best friends twins. I am a novice sewer and had so much trouble with the fabric moving and stretching, coming out all wonky. Any secrets!??


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