Onesie to Cute Summer Outfit

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It seems all my friends that are expecting or just gave birth are all having/ had girls.  So this is another cute little baby girl gift.  This little girl lives in Florida, so the weather is warm all year, and I was thinking of an outfit that would be light and cool for the heat of summer, but still cute enough to be considered an outfit. 
The worst is having to put your kids in a steaming hot car!

So my idea grew to make a whole outfit with a single white onesie, so easy to get baby dressed, and light and airy to keep her cool in the heat. 
-white onesie
-scraps of paisley print cotton
-scrap of red
-red fabric paint/ freezer paper
-paisley for wing

For the bird, I cut a pear shape with the triangle for the beak out of freezer paper and painted it red.  I did iron a scrap of fusible interfacing on the back of the paisley wing to reinforce it.

I hand sewed the wing on with turquoise embroidery floss, and added the bird legs also in the turquoise.
The baby modeling the outfit is my nephew, Dax.  He is four months old and filled this 6-9 month onesie dress.  Here he is pointing to the cute bird on his gut!  His older sister was disgusted with me when she walked in to see her baby brother in a dress.

For the skirt, I made a rectangle tube, added the red border on the botttom, and sewed it right to the onesie.  I got this turquoise paisley print from the remnant basket and I loved it.  I thought it was so cute--I find I prefer colors other than pink and purple for girls often.  Feminine, but out of the pink sphere.

I also added a narrow ribbing on the sleeves to try to make it a little more than a onesie with a skirt sewn on.

I thought about making some little red shoes, but the whole point was to keep her cool, and so I went with a soft headband instead. I used a white knee-high nylon and 3 red circles of t-shirt knit topped with a turquoise button.

So hopefully baby Jayne will stay cool, and mom will love this little summer outfit that is really just a no fuss onesie.

I am thinking of making another outfit and document the steps to make a tutorial, because this was really easy, super cute I think, and will hopefully be really convenient for mom's with summer babies! 

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  1. I think that onesie is just the cutest thing! I dont have any kids but I am definitely going to make one for a gift!

  2. That is SO make it sound so easy! but alas, my sewing skills really lack. maybe you could make me a few when you make me some nursing shirts :)

    Or atleast make some and put them in your etsy store for all of us sewing challenged folks buy!!

  3. Super cute! Is Lou too big for this?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. OK, that is just the cutest thing ever! Seriously ever. That paisley is SO cute.... you don't happen to have a selvedge edge that reveals it's secret origins, do you?

  6. What a great idea for a summer outfit! I adore it!

  7. Oh, I'm just loving that little outfit and the matching headband!

  8. I just made the summer onesie today and I am tickled pink. I do not sew but long to. So, I asked a sewing friend of mine to supervise me and voila! It is finished and ready to take to the baby shower this weekend. You will be given the proper credit. Thank you again for this great tutorial. My friend love your instructions. :)


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