Bookcase Makeover- Glazing

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We inherited this bookcase when we got married.  It was originally a warm wood color.  I painted it the red with black interior in 2006.  The blood cave bookcase didn't really fit anymore, so it got a little makeover.

1. Sand.
I didn't sand clear to bare wood, just enough to get through the shiny layer of the previous paint.

2. Prime
I'm pretty sure I just used water-based primer.

3. Painted It Ivory
2 coats latex semi-gloss paint

4. Mix Glaze
I chose to do a higher ratio of paint to glaze:
3 parts glaze: 1 part paint
I used the aqua paint I originally bought for the entry bench

5. Glaze Bookshelf
This was my first glazing project, and it was a little more difficult than I expected.  You really needed to place the glaze where you wanted it.  I felt like I was painting the bookshelf, rather than putting a layer of glaze on and it taking shape.
I found using a sock to rub and shape the glaze worked well for me.  I was trying to get a light, wash of the blue.  My goal wasn't to have a bright aqua bookcase, but just hints of blue washed on the exterior.
 I left the interior ivory.

Now it's in the living room by the mantle.
It holds a lot of little treasures, and books, since it is a bookcase.
My first tea set:
My favorite authors:
Jane Austen
Roald Dahl
CS Lewis
Mark Twain
and a few other favorites thrown in there

A brewery jug I got from a thrift store as an Idaho souvenir for $1.50

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  1. Hey! I have a brewery jug on my bookshelf too! We are going to be, like, BEST FRIENDS.

  2. I love how paint can transform just about anything! Love the wooden box & lantern!!


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