Garage Sale Bulletin Board

5:55 AM

Nothing that special, but...
I bought this ducky bulletin board at a garage sale for $1.00
Popped the ducks off and painted it.  It was so small I just spray painted it.

The hole where the ducks were still looks kind of junky.  I thought about putting something in there, if I had a logo or something that might be fun to just print out and glue in.
But for now it sits above my cutting table to be a handy tool when I need to write a measurement down to remember, and a little corkboard for whatever.

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  1. I can't get over how cool your house is with all your amazing stuff!
    In place of the ducks you could put a tile(s), or even look for a pretty coaster. Just an idea.

  2. Oh love it!! I really like that green color you chose! Very fabulous!


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