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I've been trying all day to get a decent photo of the drapes I made, but they all stink.
I just made simple drapes.
The curtain is really easy:
1. just cut the length you need them
2. hem the sides in folding the edge over 1/4" twice
3. Hem the top 4 inches
4. Hem the bottom up 2".
5. Attach the snap on no-sew grommets (instructions Here on the other curtains).
6. Hang them tall and wide.
It's nice to hang them wider than the window.  Then you can get the full light from the window, and the window seems a lot bigger when the curtains/ drapes don't cover half of the window.
*I actually hang the hardware according to the length of the drapes so I don't have to re-hem.
I bought this fabric months ago, and I'm not in love.

It all coordinated with everything else, bringing in a different pattern with the narrow stripes, and at the time I thought the fabric being taffeta (almost silky texture) would add dimension in texture to contrast the suede, microfiber couch, and chairs. 
But I don't know.
This project should have been done a while ago, but I kept looking at the fabric not sure.  I didn't know what else I would do with 8 yards of it, and I thought maybe I would like them better once they were on the wall and everything was in it's place.
But I'm not sold, maybe they will grow on me.  If I started over, I think I would just go with white drapes.  I don't know...maybe these stripes will grow on me.
I hate this feeling of finishing something and not loving it!

I also wish I knew how to decorate.

Well at least I have another project brewing that I absolutely love.  
Here's a sneak peek:
When its finished it will sit near these drapes and maybe draw attention away from them.

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  1. thanks for the easy drapes! I am definitely going to try this.

  2. Love the colors! I have a suggestion. How about adding a strip of co-ordinating brown fabric to your drapes? That might serve to anchor them better in the room. Good luck!


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