Owl Pattern Case

5:01 PM

I had a space on my floating shelf in my craft room I needed to store all my huge patterns, mainly toddler backpack patterns.  I thought of different ideas, but found this metal file chest at the thrift store for $2.00.
I kind of liked the brown, but it was not going to clean up very well, so I had to paint it. I did keep the contrasting lid though.

Before and After.
So here's my process:
1. Clean with soap and water (and Goo-Gone in this case)
2. Spray with primer
3. Two coats white spray paint
4. Two coats Aqua paint on the lid only {paint semi-gloss from entry bench project}
So at this point it seemed a little blah to me.
And I've been in an artsy mood.
I decided to paint something on the front.  There isn't much room in my craft space, so every inch on my shelves needs to be storage and functional.  I love when people have beautiful shelving with pictures and art like Pink Suede Shoe HERE
It looks great I think. 
But I don't have room for framed photos or anything, so I thought I'd make this case a little art piece.
And I loved this idea of layering branches with one contrasting color from Lemon Tree Creations.
I don't have any stencils, so I just had to wing it.

SO..on with it:
I sketched some branches on the front, and painted them on with Glidden Gentle Tide, satin paint I had from painting the kitchen walls.  Compared with the darker blue, it was more green and pale.
Then I added the aqua paint for the accent branch.  But it seemed really square, and boring, so I added the owl to make it more interesting.

Then I plopped it on my shelf and loaded it with my patterns.

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  1. I love it! You're totally inspiring me to do a few projects. The owl gives it the perfect finishing touch!

    Keep up the good work!

  2. So stinkin cute! I totally found of these at the GW too! Mine is yet to be jazzed up. Fabulous job! Love the owl.

  3. That is really cute, I love the two blue's together. So a while ago you said that your projects were going to slow down..... I think you were lying! Not that I mind, you are super talented and I love them!

  4. Love the owl. Great idea and a good way to store not so good looking patterns. Love your family tree as well. I don't think its creepy.

  5. So cute! I've been perusing your blog - I'm a friend of your cousin, Summer! And Pinksuedeshoe - are you guys related?

  6. me again! was this metal? And what kind of primer did you use? I have an old tool box I've had plans for like a year to paint, but hadn't gotten around to it. I'm about to, but wasn't sure if there was a special primer I should use... thanks!


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