Simple Crate for Sewing Patterns

6:00 AM

When we moved in, we found a stack of really thin wood strips, apparently some kind of fencing/ privacy screen?
I knew I could use them for something, and today I had a chance to make a crate and use them across the front and back.

I used left over 1/4" thick MDF from the doors on the pantry as the base and sides.
Using the hand saw from my miter box, I cut the bottom and sides of the crate.  I used wood glue and finish nails to attach the 2 sides and center divider to the bottom.
I was excited to find the thin sides of the crate from the junk pile were so thin and worn, I could just staple them right on with a staple gun, and wood glue underneath.

I didn't want it totally rustic, in the craft room, so I knew I would paint it.
I walked in the garage, looking for spare paint, and saw the mixed blue glaze I'd used on the mini suitcase, the same blue as the entry bench.
The glaze worked well, being thin you can kind of see wood grain as a texture, but the crate is still painted solid blue.
I don't have that many patterns, sewing using a pattern is something I'd like to get better at.  I learned to sew just winging it, using other pieces of clothing as my pattern rather than store bought.  It seems almost half of my patterns are the manila envelopes--which are actually patterns I made anyway.  So for now this little crate holds all my patterns, maybe I'll get more to try and have to expand the collection eventually.

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