Sitting Chair Makeover

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I wanted a chair for one corner of our master bedroom, a little sitting chair to help when you put on socks and shoes, etc.
The corner is pretty tight, so the chair had to be pretty simple and small, no room for an armchair or anything.
So I found this at the thrift store for $4.00.
I'm thinking it was a restaurant chair or something, that's what it looked like it to me.
After a little paint, and new fabric on the seat:

So this is the process:
1. Remove seat
2. Sand down frame
(obviously I didn't get everything off, mainly smoothed it down and roughed up the surface)
3. Primed
I used the spray paint Primer
4. Paint
I painted 2 coats of my Glidden satin paint I bought for the entry bench)
**I thought about adding a layer of polyurethane, but thought it would be OK without

I thought the seat on the chair was OK and didn't need new padding, and would add a thick underlayer for durability.
1. Cut fabric
Leave enough to wrap around

2. Staple Bottom
Using a standard cheap staple gun, I stapled the bottom up.

3. Stretch the Fabric and Staple to the Top

4. Staple Sides, stretching to make it tight

5. Staple Corners
First staple the corner, stretching the fabric tight.
Then fold each side in and staple.

Put the seat back on and it's a new chair!

The fabric isn't upholstery weight, but it is duck cotton, a really thick cotton for making totes, throw pillows, etc.  So I'm thinking it should hold up being just a sitting chair in a bedroom and not a dining chair that gets a ton of use.

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  1. Looks great!! Love the blue!! Fabulous job!

  2. Absolutely love it! Wow! You never cease to amaze me.

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  4. Love it! I have a couple of chair sort of like this one that I need to get with and redo.

  5. The chair is darling. Love the color. Thanks for sharing.
    karie @ karieschiccreations.

  6. the blue is just perfect. I love how it turned out!

  7. what a pretty color! Love the fabric too.



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