Photo To Postcard and Dining Room Wall Reveal

5:00 AM

This is really simple, and I debated whether or not it really deserved a post.  But here is a super easy, no-brainer project that took 3 minutes.
I had a scrap of mat board from this project, and a photo I printed of my mom.
I cut the scrap to measure 4.5" x 6.5" to leave 1/4" border all around.
I glued the photo to the board, so now it's stiff and able to be a free standing item on my shelf in the dining area.
The shelf in our dining area, is mainly filled with cooking/ kitchen type items.  I wanted a photo of my mom up there since she taught me to cook.  This photo is her as a young mother with my older 2 siblings, and probably our family's favorite of her.  I know it's definitely my dad's favorite photo of my mom.
So it worked out perfectly, even her and my sister's dresses are red.
Meant to be here on my shelf.

Here is the dining area (it's not really a dining room) wall.
{kind of from left to right}
photo postcard from above
crate $1.00 at thrift store
tall jar (not sure if he'll stay there) $1.25 Tai Pan
vintage flour sifter $.75 thrift store
vintage old soda bottle from my husband's grandmother's collection
(she collected all these old glass bottles over decades, taking her kids on day trips in the 1950s to abandoned ghost towns in the west deserts of Utah to go through their dumpsters looking for old glass--I need to raid the collection again I think)
square tin $.50 thrift store
Buon Appetito sign I painted a couple years ago
below: framed Smitten Kitchen prints

I keep looking at it, and I don't love the way things are organized on there yet.
Something seems weird and is bugging me.  If you have a suggestion on what it is, let me know.
I'm finding I like a mix of modern and rustic/ vintage/ retro.
This is a good example above.
The sleek, simplistic frames and floating shelf, stocked with old glass, tin, and a rustic crate.
For me the mix of old and new work and I like it.

It's probably breaking interior design rules, to mix like this?  I obviously don't know about the rules, but I do like mixing.

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  1. it looks great and you look JUST like your momma :O)

  2. I love your blog! You have lots of great ideas!!

  3. It is your house and you can do whatever you want...that is the great thing about having your own house :) and you look EXACTLY like your mother, seriously, for a second, I thought it was beautiful!


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